Quick-release frames for laser-cut SMT stencils are an efficient alternative to screen printed frames because they save space and weight, and ensure safe and secure handling.

Photocad offers two quick-release systems for SMT stencils: the Quattro-Flex® system for punched edge stencils and the VectorGuardTM spring-loaded system.


Flexible handling, reduced space requirement and cost savings are the main arguments for using a quick release frame.

Quick release frames offer considerable advantages over screen-printed frames in which the SMD stencils are stuck into the frame. 

They can be changed practically and quickly in the appropriate printing machine and thus allow a simple and secure assembly. The storage saves on space and weight. The costs for one frame with covering omitted, as well as the attachment of the stencil.

Quick release frames thus offer considerable advantages over screen-printed frames in which the SMD stencils are stuck into the frame.

Photocad offers two systems in different variants: the compressed air Quattro-Flex® system and the VectorGuardTM spring-loaded system.

Photocad SMD stencils can be optimized in different stencil thicknesses and in all three product lines for both clamping systems.


This four-sided quick mounting system holds the SMT stencil tight on the mount using compressed air. A pressure reducer ensures that the stencil tension is adjusted and controlled seamlessly and precisely. The compressed air can be set at different levels. The stencils with perforated edges are tensioned evenly over the frames via the individual self-centring cylinders and the mounting pins are then secured onto the frame as a result of the tensioning.

The newly developed loading unit is required for the Quattro Flex Generation III. This facilitates and accelerates fitting the stencil. The Quattro Flex II-3 mounting system can also be used without a loading unit as it uses angle trims to hold the stencils in place.


  • Perfect distribution of tension over the entire surface
  • Stencils can be changed over easily as the system is easy to use
  • Stencils are securely positioned quickly
  • High level of production safety
  • Saves on usage costs


The VectorGuardTM quick mounting system for SMT stencils is a four-sided spring-tension mounting system. The stencils have aluminium frames which make them very sturdy and secure. Once they have been finished, they are put straight into the quick mounting system and the spring system tensions them securely. In contrast to other mounting systems, VectorGuardTM only needs compressed air for the tensioning process – springs are used to keep the tension force constant during the printing process.

In addition to the basic model of the VectorGuard, we also offer VectorGuard High Tension, a quick mounting system for demanding applications with very detailed structures.


  • Perfect distribution of tension over the entire surface
  • No compressed air connection is required for the printing process
  • It is quicker and easier to change stencils as you don’t have to line up the perforations or slots
  • Aluminium frames minimize the risk of being injured by sharp metal edges
  • Frames are light and thin, saving on storage space


Which variants of clamping frames are available?

The Quattro-Flex and VectorGuard quick-release systems and the Quattro-Flex III loading unit are available in various sizes in the Photocad online shop. Delivery takes place within 7 days.

Which SMT template is suitable for which quick mounting system?

The Quick Mounting Systems product information sheet contains an overview of the product variants and size charts, as well as technical data.

What are the advantages of the loading unit for Quattro-Flex III?

The loading unit expedites and facilitates the fitting of the SMT stencils, since the frame does not have to be rotated when being changed. Automatic clamping of the template ensures flexible and fast handling. In addition, used stencils can be reused and also the cleaning and archiving processes are simplified.