For the professional storage of SMT stencils we offer our customers 0.5 mm semi-transparent archive bags made from strong polypropylene in various sizes.

They protect the stencils and provide for space-saving, clear and aesthetically pleasing storage.

In addition, you will receive a wide-range of archive shelves, filing cabinets and accessories, as well as a completely ESD-safe archive system.


We have developed a storage system for a flexible and space-saving storage of your SMT stencils.

The archive system for SMD stencil storage includes a large assortment of archive bags in various sizes, archive shelves and cabinets, as well as transport trollies, wall holders and storage racks.

The complete storage system is combinable and extendible, and always allows a tailor-made solution.  

In addition, Photocad offers ESD safe archiving: hanging bags and filing cabinets are completely ESD compliant, eliminating the risk of electrostatic discharge.


  • Hanging pouches made of semi-transparent 0.5 mm thick polypropylene. They are sturdy, non-adhesive, suitable for use in clean rooms and easy to handle.
  • Firstly, the rail hanging system enables you to save space and also allows the items to be flipped through easily. The rails’ profile ensures that the system never sags, even when fully loaded.
  • A wide range of storage shelves, storage cabinets, trolleys and hanging rails means that you can always find the right solution for you.
  • Your current storage cabinets can be fitted with hanging rails easily, providing you with simple and easy storage within your existing units.
  • The pouches are tagged with text spaces, located in a visible position on the pouch, so that you can apply labels. The relevant required SMT stencil can thus be identified quickly and with certainty, even from among a fully-stocked storage space.
  • If you so wish, the SMT stencils that we produce can be delivered in a labelled storage pouch, according to the customer’s specifications.

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Archive bags guarantee protection from electrostatic discharge.

Electrostatic discharge can cause major damage to electronic components. Therefore, demanding requirements are placed on the production and storage of SMD stencils. ESD optimised packaging here offers huge advantages.

In order to ensure both the storage of SMD stencils in sensitive production areas and ESD safe transport, Photocad has developed an archive bag for SMD stencils in cooperation with the Hamburg archive and filing system producer ‘Railex’. The bag prevents electrostatic issues and complies with current ESD standards.

Thanks to a special coating, the archive bags’ innovative carrier mats are electrically conductive and protect technically sophisticated materials against electrostatic discharge.

Nanotec ESD archive bag


The specially treated fibre material for the production of the archive bags was tested against ESD specific protection standards and awarded a quality test certiticate. The nanotec ESD archive bags comply with the applicable regulations DIN-EN 61340-5-1 and DIN-EN 61340-5-3.

The certified Nanotec ESD material is environmentally friendly with regards to both sourcing and manufacturing.


What does ESD mean?

ESD (electrostatic discharge) is an electrostatic duel-sided conductive, coated polycarbonate. The coating also has increased chemical and abrasion resistance. When manufacturing and processing electronic components, measures to prevent electrostatic discharge apply.

What are the advantages of using ESD bags?

SMT stencil packaging is necessary in order to prevent damage or contamination, and to ensure correct storage. Thanks to ESD compliant packaging, the stencils can also be stored directly in the production area. The archive bags are also reusable and fit into all Railex archive systems.

Are additional costs incurred due to their in-house development?

This ESD archive bag development brings with it no additional costs for our customers. Employing an environmentally friendly reuse system, Photocad reuses packaging and reimburses the 1 Euro cost upon its return. The same shipping costs apply to all archive bags in our online shop.